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Website Design & Development

Website design & development standards and techniques are constantly changing. We always stay on course by utilizing the most current tools and combine that with a thorough understanding of your objectives and audience. You’ll always come out with a beautiful website that works just as good as it looks. View our Services & Features below.

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Services & Features

Website Hosting & Domain Name Registration

When it comes to hosting we have experience and expertise, a world-class network, top-of-the-line servers, security and redundancy, excellent uptime and reliability, and competitive pricing. We'll help you find and register a domain name that's perfect for your company.

Hosting plans start at $14.95 a month.

Mobile & Tablet Development

We're experts when it comes to mobile phone and tablet website development. There's two approaches we can take:

Responsive Design:
Responsive design is a new way to develop and deliver a full website so that the layout is not bound to a particular screen size but instead adapts flexibly to different device resolutions on the fly and therefore looks great on any mobile or tablet device.

Mobile Site:
A mobile or mobile-optimized site is a seperate website that loads when your domain is viewed on a mobile or tablet device and only displays important content optimized for the smaller screen limitations. We detect if your website is being viewed from a mobile or tablet device and automatically switch to this optimized site for browsing.

Logo Design

It's a highly competitive marketplace out there. Having a great logo is an important way to establish your business as a unique brand. Effective logo designs are creative and eye-catching without being too complex. With a professional logo design you'll not only get noticed, but remembered, which leads to more business, recognition, and loyalty. Let us help you create your Brand.

Photographic Services

Whether you need quality product shots, staff headshots, action shots, food photography, real estate photography, or any other creative shots, we've got the professional skills and gear necessary to appropriately portray your business. Good photography is an essential part of great website design. We'll create and deliver stunning images that will place you way ahead of the competition.

Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

Having an awesome website is pointless if nobody can find it. Every company can benefit from better SEO tactics but you may be surprised to know it can have a negative effect if not done properly. We can drive more traffic to your site by making sure you have the best possible rank in search engines.

Social Media Strategies

Utilizing the tools of free Social Media is more than setting up a Facebook or Twitter and spouting off your daily specials. It's more about the conversation and engagement. We'll help you get setup and navigate you through the basic do's and don'ts to a successful campaign. We also offer help with email newsletter campaigns and Google, Facebook, and Twitter advertising.

Ongoing Maintenance

Weekly, Monthly, Yearly. If you ever need to change, update, or add content to your site, we've got you covered. Swap out a photo, update a Menu, add a promotional banner; anything you need is always just a quick contact away.

We offer economical recurring monthly maintenance packages
or on demand by the hour at current industry rates.